Foreign Employment for Nepalese Women.

Employment means doing the job. Foreign employment means doing the job out side the country. Foreign employment has many advantages and disadvantages. Many girls from village or remote place of Nepal migrate to Gulf or other country.

In that time of period they don’t know the basic things, like knowledge of languages culture, local rules etc. which create problem to them. First of all they should do little beat of research of country where are they going, they must know their rules and regulation. Secondly they should do little bit knowledge of language from possible sources like YouTube and google(what to do, where to go, work is completed, hi, bye etc..) Stepping outside country is very difficult if you don’t have proper guidance. People must do proper preparation and research of the manpower agency from where you planning to go. In context of Nepal foreign employment is very important because must of the people are unemployed. The once of must disadvantage of Nepalese girls is they don’t have skill to perform work and it has to enhance. Due to the lack of skill and confidents they are back than other nationalities on abroad.

All woman should aware of different kind of harassment and difficulties. Some are victims of harassments and even they do not know where and what kind of paper they signed. Time has been changed and now they can know what kind of paper they going to sign by using various translation tools even they don’t know the local language. Like Google translation and Microsoft translation can be use for translate the documents on preferred language. After that it will be easy to understand and can decide to sign or not.

Foreign job is the main source of earning for the country. Each and every people of Nepal is going for abroad and they are send huge amount of remittance. Which government use in different sector like education, health, transportation, drinking water and etc. After earning 2 to 3 years people get knowledge and skill in same line which they can use for the development of the nation. working on abroad is some how good for the girls and woman if they get right guidelines from the friend, family members and company. As there is saying “When girls are educated then whole family is educated”. Which means if they are skilled and engaged in any sector their family know the value of money and time. Doing job they can develop the decision making capacity. Which makes them independence. Nepal is small nation but most of tall youth are migrated to find good opportunity mostly from village areas and they go to Gulf and other part of the world. Main destination of work is India, Gulf area, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and some are in Europe, Australia and in North America.

Nepal government should create awareness programs effectively for targeted group and need to bring strong rules against any kind of scam. Still government is not proactive as much as required and even they don’t want to know why people are going abroad ? what are the benefits they are giving to the nation ? There might be tons of vocational course which must be easy and affordable. Skill is more important to start career in so government have to be more proactive in this subject.

In conclusion foreign employment is not the wiling of the people it is just not the willing of the people if is just they are compelled to do. Spending several years outside it will bring lots knowledge which can be use in nation and can be benefited whole state. Concern department have to think about the employee who are back and want to start their own business and work in their place.

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