How to invest 1 dollar ?

How to invest 1$ ? Is it possible to invest 1$ and can make profit from it?Answer from some people obviously not, but some people can thing about it and they can make profit from it and answer will be “off course, why not?”

I was thinking people who do not have a job and not making a single penny in a day mean a 1$ business might be the best way to develop entrepreneurship. How can we think that 1 dollar job exists? It’s funny to give answer but in my point of view it is possible and myself having experience on it. But here I am sharing possible idea which is possible to start anywhere. Let’s start the idea “how we can generate income from 1 dollar?”

My first idea is buy and sell Mineral water. Now have a check price from different country. If you want to buy a one liter mineral water bottle in department stores in Mumbai India is 15 Indian Rupee which is equivalent to 21 cent in US Dollar. You can find less price if you go in local retailer. Suppose if a 1 bottle of water is 20 cent than you can buy 5 bottles in 1 dollar and you can sale this water in nearest place where more people visits and they want water to kill their quench. I am sure you can sell a bottle of water from 25 to 30 Indian Rupee minimum. Now you sold 5 bottle of water total in 150 Rupee which is 2.09 dollar and you made 100% margin on it. Similarly In a day how many bottle you can sell, can increase your profit.

Now let’s talk about the scope of same business in Brazil. Which is best place to visit and millions of people are visiting every year. So they might be your customer who can buy your things whatever you are going to sale. Because you not cheating them, you are helping them and selling your products below 1 dollar which is reasonable too. You buy a bottle of water in 1.75 Brazilian Real with your capital you can purchase 2 liter of water. But here you need to sale and need little bit more effort to make profit. In India you get five and 2 in Brazil in one 100 cent. So now you need sell more to create more profit. However if you are free and you can use you time in right place.

The idea may fruitful these country where easy to make profit like Philippines, Vietnam, China and Nigeria. Income may be differing by place to place but its good idea to generate income with small investment.
In some country still selling the news paper door to door and people on the street. So this also alternative idea to invest your first capital.

Purchase pen, Hair Clip, rubber band, kitchen towel, these are the another ideas. This might be the foolish article you ever read, unfortunately is not for you. You have a nice smart phone and computer set to do lots of things but this for the person who does not have sufficient fund for invest and cant afford big size business. So I would like to request you to share this kind of concept with them, who really need. It will be wise when you share your new and creativeness with needy man and they will remember life time to you. For this kind of business you can do near beach side, and the place where more traffic pass you will be free wherever you want to start your business.

In conclusion investing money not only to generate money, it will give hundreds of way to expand of your career and opportunity and helps to enhance your entrepreneurship how ever invest may be 1 or millions.

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