Is Czech Republic safe for live and work ?

Czech Republic is small country of central Europe. Economy is not that much big but slowly going up after transition from socialism to capitalism has implemented. Being a landlocked may have several problem to change in economic system. However, Czech people are trying to bust.

Vastly economy is depending on manufacture job where agricultural production is partly affected by season to season. Auto part manufacture is the main industry in this country. Thousands of Czech and immigrants are engaged in this fields. Since last three years unemployment rate has been low among the Europe. As report show end of 2018 rate was decline below 3 percent and which is the all time low in history.  Finding job in Czech Republic is not difficult things and easy to find but salary might be vary company to company. As per the labor law 12,200.00 koruna is the minimum wages per month and 73 koruna for an hour. The minimum salary is less and it’s difficult to survive with their daily expenses and rent for accommodation. Room rent is quite high and its almost unaffordable. Nevertheless most of people love to work here from Europe and third country.

Economy is gradually booming and seems to be sustain for long time. Numbers of reports shows this CZ is best place for invest and they are attracting foreign investment. Establishing of business in this small country mean will give access in whole European zone due to the country located in central part of continent. More than 10 multinational companies are existing here in major cities such as Skoda Auto a. s., FOXCON CZ s.r.o., Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. etc. Employee are interested work in this kind of the company which are giving the best benefits for their staff. Skoda, Seznam CZ, IKEA AND KPMG rated best companies to work in Czech Republic.

Living cost is comparatively less than other European members so people are coming to work here. Even from third country like United Stated of America, Australia and Asian are interested to work here because they save their money which they made here. Some high skill worker are making big money and they are saving thousand each month. There fore this is the best place to work and live in whole Europe.

Now a days some Asian people are hired for manufacture job in industrial area. Magnolia, Vietnams, Philippines and Nepalese migrants are slowly increasing the numbers. Since 2015 Nepalese are hiring regularly. Nepalese worker are loyal and more comfortable to work together with other immigrants how ever they are little back in language and skill.

Social security and other benefits are part of the satisfaction to live here. Health insurance, other social benefits attracts people to do job in CZ. Cheap transportation is another example of this contentment. Only the thousands of people are afraid with the language and very tough to learn. However they are happily struggling for their better life here in Chechia. Education system is very flexible for the native people, government is trying to provide numbers of benefits and facilities for the immigrant. Apart from your job can make plane to visit several place and country as per your financial plane. Legally residing more than 5 years in Chechia will lead you to apply for permanent residency and after 10 years eligible to apply citizenship.  Due to the lack of language and culture it is difficult to socialize in the beginning of period to start a career. If you are looking to settle in Chechia with your family you are required to show good capability to maintain your family’s need.

This is the place where crime rate is very low and safe to walk anytime and visit alone. Employed girls are use to go home at midnight from job without any hesitation. So now we can say Czech Republic is good for work and live even with small amount of salary. “

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